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We Work together out here! Ft: Johnny Medina AKA: JMcFly

Johnny Medina AKA Jmcfly was born Sept. 18 1983 in Washington heights, Manhattan New York.  Jmcfly discovered at a very early age his gift for art and music. In the fourth grade David Paterson presented him with a first place prize in the U.S.A savings bond art competition. By high school Jmcfly started customizing his own clothes, sneakers, as well as writing music. He didn’t grow up with many luxuries, so art and music became his escape. By the age of 16 he became affiliated with Juelz Santana and the diplomats’ camp, as well as music mogul Leone Cohens. In 2004 he was hired by Johnny Walker to promote and market the brand as part of an anniversary campaign. Regaining his focus on music he reconnected with Juelz Santana and the diplomats, which led him to independently start his own record label” lifestyle entertainment”. In 2006 through this venture he was able to collaborate withartists like Chrisette Michael, Julez Santana, and Camaron. In 2007 Jmcfly along with one of his partners Kelvin Swiggins Minawa launched their first clothing line called “Paparazzi”.

It was one in the afternoon  on a winter sunday  And I had this Wonderful opportunity to do a shoot with Nueva York I Felt really honored being a young up coming Artists From New York City doing being picked to do awesome Photo shoot In my own home town I must say It was a blessing for the sky's  I want to take this time and thank  Nueva York for this wonderful experience I hope everyone else enjoys the images just as much as I do..  

In the fall of the 2012 Jmcfly  released his first mixtape “Ready for takeoff”. Jmcfly was featured in a Fuji Films campaign for Karen Royal magazine. Jmcfly is hard at work promoting ” ready for takeoff” as well as preparing for his next project.

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